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Kayla and Pat | Married

“Happiness means being close to the one you love, that’s all.”

June is traditionally a month for weddings and the month that you picture in your mind when, as a little girl, you are dreaming about your wedding.  Kayla chose June to marry the love of her life, Pat.  Perfect wedding month, perfect Love.  The day could not have been more ideal for an outdoor wedding in New Maryland.   When the guests arrived they were treated to a nice surprise of outdoor seating with a lovely breeze!
The Ceremony was both beautiful and touching as Kayla and Pat pledged to spend their lives together.
After the Ceremony the wedding party was treated to a surprise limo ride around the city, and so we used that opportunity to travel to the Experimental Farm in Fredericton to get their photos done on the magnificent lawns.
After Photos, back to the New Maryland Centre we went for a lovely meal and lots of heartfelt speeches by those who are closest to Kayla and Pat.  Parents, friends and relatives spent the evening celebrating the newest members on their family and most of all celebrating a perfect Love.
Here is a glimpse into their day.
You can find their engagement photos here: Engagement

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