Kaitie and Chris | Married – Elizabeth Mason

Kaitie and Chris | Married

“Fall madly in love with someone, who makes you do all the wonderful things you said you’d never do.” ~Treka L. House

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure photographing Katie and Chris’s wedding. Katie and Chris we’re not interested in doing a traditional wedding, instead,  they opted to create a wedding as unique as they are.  Originally they were going to have their wedding outside behind the beaver Brook Art Gallery but due to the threatening rain they opted to have their wedding ceremony in their quaint hotel suite. The guest list was limited to close family and a few very close friends.  Their suite was perfectly suited to this arrangement.  After the ceremony, we had plenty of time to get outside for some portraits.  Of course, after such a unique ceremony you have to follow up with just as a unique reception!  The Café in Art Gallery was transformed into a chic and stylish venue to welcome all of their extended family and friends. One of the highlights of the evening for the guests, was the arrival of the Queen Street Creamery ice cream truck, where they served up delectable treats for everyone!  One of the highlights of the day for me, was being able to get into the art gallery itself for some pictures! 

Congratulations Katie and Chris, you did it your way, and it was absolutely perfect!

Venue: Beaverbrook Art Gallery




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