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Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything…….and I mean everything. Anyone who knows us, knows what a huge part of our lives Buster is. He’s our constant companion. A lover of sunshine, campfires, warm blankets, and chasing pesky squirrels. He spends the majority of his time wondering what we […]

This past spring, the Mr. and I went on our annual Pilgrimage to the sun.  This year it was Varadero, Cuba.  Oh yes!, we’ve been there a few times before, but honestly, how can you improve on the beaches, the sun and the PRICE!  🙂  If you live in a small city like we do, there are […]

In Early May 2016 a wildfire in Northern Alberta, Canada forced the evacuation of a  whole city.  Fort McMurray, Alberta was overtaken by fires and the effects of that rippled through our entire country.  Most Canadians could only imagine the panic, dispair, anxiety, and sadness that these people were experiencing.  We all wanted to help and immediately, like […]

As some of you may be aware, I shoot with a SONY a350.  While SONY makes a great Camera, my camera was getting on in years, and I felt I wasn’t always getting the pictures I wanted.  I tried buying a couple of new lenses in hopes I’d be more satisfied with the camera, and that worked for […]

As life gets hectic, and demands for our time seem almost too much to keep up with, I find it helpful to sit for 1 minute in total silence and write a list of things in my life I have to be thankful for.  Today was just such a day, and my list went something […]